In July 2023, Anjuna Langevin, a Canadian designer and entrepreneur, and Sailesh Pandey, a Nepalese entrepreneur, launched the 21Tara brand. “I love creating comfortable but stylish designs, with prints and details inspired by the sea and mountains where I live and travel. It was important for us to also reflect the Nepalese culture in our collections, through mantras, the Yeti, Tibetan-inspired jewelry.” says the Designer. The main fabric used is certified organic cotton. Our fabrics and the entire process is certified by an independent organization according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile) Standard. “It is a material that is both soft and stretchy, which keeps a feeling of freshness on the skin. Water-based prints and natural pigments are used and the textile is exempt from toxix chemicals. Organic cotton also has better durability than traditional cotton. The company’s commitment is also social. The brand has confirmed partnerships with ONG active in Nepal. We want to give back to Nepal. Projects include helping children go to school and planting fruit trees in the mountain villages. “Our factory has been offering fair conditions to employees for over 30 years. But we wanted to go further and truly become a partner, participating in all stages of the life of the clothes we manufacture.” comments Sailesh. Pre-sale to stores is currently underway and the Collection will be available in stores and online from March 2024.